The Great Gate of Kiev

Learned Macedonian Alchemist

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"If you call this a short stick you deny its nature. And if you do not call it that you overlook the fact. What should you call the stick?"

If you just look at this one entry at a time, it is generally random nonsense, obvious observations, random links, and other stuff. If you look in enough detail, patterns begin to emerge. If you have the patience and the desire to find those patterns, I'm all for it, regardless of who you are.

This is not a "diary" and in general I don't post what I'm doing. You have to guess, or talk to me directly. There are also no "memes" as such. Something I post may be similar to a meme, but I distinctly remove any chain-letter elements.

This is not something terribly important or interesting or terrible or doomsaying, it merely is. That's all it is. The end.